Site Terminology

Feeturre Terminology

Feeturre – A Feeturre is an Audio or Video file or influence Skill for Hire created by an Artist to sell to a User or Buyer on the Feeturre Platform.

Artist – At Feeturre we consider all talent some form of artistry. Whether you are a musician, dancer, engineer, producer, influencer or athlete, you are an artist. Signing up as An Artist means you are a Seller on our platform selling your artistry to potential buyers.
Artist = Seller on the platform.

User – A user on Feeturre means that you are a Buyer strictly. You are not selling any Feeturres and you are not an Artist. You are just a user or buyer that is interested in purchasing Feeturres from artists on the Feeturre platform.
User = Buyer on the platform.

Management – Management means that you are either a manager, work for a management company, agency, A&R, record label, executive, studio owner, or any other form of management in the Entertainment Industry. Management can sign up and manage their Artists and their Artist’s Feeturres for sale. Management can track revenues and enjoy all the tools available to Artists on the platform.
Management = Artist’s management services.

Exclusive – A Feeturre that the Seller created exclusively for the Buyer and the Seller is selling a portion or all of the intellectual property rights to the Buyer. This can be as little as 1% of the ownership rights or all of the ownership rights to the Buyer.

Exclusive Buyout – A Feeturre that the Seller created exclusively for the Buyer and is selling all the ownership intellectual property rights to the Buyer. The seller retains 0% of the intellectual property ownership after the sale.

Exclusive Collaboration – A Feeturre that the Seller created to sell a portion of the Intellectual Property rights to the Buyer. An Exclusive Collaboration means that the Seller is sharing a portion of the rights with the Buyer. A Seller can share as little as 1% or as much as 99% of the rights with the Buyer.

Intellectual Property Rights –
Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names, video and images used in commerce.

Lease – A lease is a Feeturre created by a Seller that is borrowed by the Buyer for an agreed duration of time, plays, views, streams or usage. The Seller creates the terms of the lease and the buyer agrees to the terms when purchasing the lease on Feeturre. The lease terms are to be tracked independently by the Buyer and Seller. If the Seller feels the terms have been broken the Seller can contact the Buyer through Feeturre to create additional terms, create a new Feeturre for new use case, or negotiate the agreement moving forward.

Instant Download – An Instant Download on Feeturre is an Audio or Video file that can be instantly downloaded by the Buyer after the purchase. Instant Downloads can be both Exclusives or Leases, but all Leases are Instant Downloads on the platform.

Skill for Hire – A Skill for Hire is an Exclusive Feeturre on the platform that requires a custom creation for the User or Buyer. This means that the Buyer will have to wait for the delivery of the Feeturre to be created. All delivery times are created by the Artist or Seller on the platform and the User or Buyer can see the delivery time before purchasing the Feeturre from the platform.

BOM – Bars or Measures